Removing Backing from Vinyl

Removing Backing1When ordering highly detailed vinyl decals, sometimes you can run into issues with the decal when removing backing from vinyl.  Monograms with dots can also see more issues because there are so many pieces to keep track of.  The first thing you want to do is…be patient.  Next, move slowly.   Read more Removing Backing from Vinyl

Vinyl Application Instructions

Applying Vinyl Decals

Each vinyl decal sold in my Etsy shop include vinyl application instructions.  These are general vinyl instructions to apply vinyl to a wide range of applications.  Find more detailed instructions to apply vinyl to different items and surfaces in the vinyl category on this blog.

I apply vinyl to many surfaces including, cars, car windows, glassware, tiles, unfinished and painted wood, mirrors, sport equipment, glasses, tumblers, picture frames, baby bottles, sippy cuts and much, much more…there are too many applications and surfaces to mention.

Vinyl is intended for single use and cannot be removed and reused.  Additionally, when you apply vinyl as soon as it comes in contact with the surface you are placing it on, just go with it.  Trying to remove it can cause it to stretch or damage the vinyl.

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Vinyl Faces for Craft Projects

Scrap wood scarecrow snowman with vinyl faces

When I was creating my scrap wood scarecrow snowman, I knew it would be easy to assemble and paint.  I was a little intimidated about painting the faces on them.  I decided to add the vinyl faces for craft projects to the scrapwood scarecrow snowman with vinyl.  You can find the cutting files for the vinyl faces for craft projects in Camilla’s Paper Creations store or you can order the vinyl faces for craft projects from  All I Make  or  Use them for scrap wood scarecrow and snowman and much more.

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4 Softball Mom Basics

4 Things Every Softball Mom Needs

…to create goodies, gifts, photo books and more for your team.

I love being a softball mom.  The connections with the girls and family are great.  I like to do little things for the girls, make team treats, goodies, photo books, ID tags, etc.  In the years I have been a softball mom there are a few things I have found that are a must have to pull off all of the fun things I make for the girls.

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Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake

If you have not made a diaper cake I highly recommend it.  I had always wanted to make a diaper cake but did not have anyone to make one for, until last year.  My daughters friend was having a baby shower so I told my daughter she should make a diaper cake for her friend, however I should help her…grin.  We gathered up all of the decorations we thought we needed for the cake, planned a time to get together to work on it and had grand visions for the diaper cake.  When we got together, we were eager to get started but realized, we didn’t know where to start.  Nothing You Tube couldn’t fix.  Oops, after watching several videos we realized we didn’t have near as many supplies as we should for the diaper cake we had planned out in our heads.  The great thing about crafting, is you get to adapt and improvise…that is just what we did.  This experience was the foundation needed to make future diaper cakes, hey you have to start somewhere.

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DIY Baby Shower

DIY Baby Shower

I threw a baby shower for my daughter and boy did we have fun.  DIY baby showers a very popular right now and why wouldn’t they be, you can create just what you want, in just the style you want.  Have a little fun with your die cutting system, venture outside your comfort zone and create away.  The biggest bit of advice I can give you is to start early.  There are many elements you can start on to get a head start on your DIY baby shower or party.

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Saving Paper

Paper Conservation

A trick to saving paper I learned not long after I was introduced to die cutters is to cut elements from the background paper being used for a scrapbook page layout .   This is a great way to save paper.  If you are creating a 12 x 12 scrapbook page that will be matted on another sheet of 12 x 12 paper, that is an entire sheet of paper, that nobody will see the back…that is more than scraps.  A double scrapbook page layout…that is 2 pieces of valuable cardstock. Read more Saving Paper