Vinyl Faces for Craft Projects

Scrap wood scarecrow snowman with vinyl faces

When I was creating my scrap wood scarecrow snowman, I knew it would be easy to assemble and paint.  I was a little intimidated about painting the faces on them.  I decided to add the vinyl faces for craft projects to the scrapwood scarecrow snowman with vinyl.  You can find the cutting files for the vinyl faces for craft projects in Camilla’s Paper Creations store or you can order the vinyl faces for craft projects from  All I Make  or  Use them for scrap wood scarecrow and snowman and much more.

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Shopping Bag Folding Instructions

Shopping Bag Folding Instructions

The below you will find shopping bag folding instructions made easy.  This shopping bag file is so versatile, it can be used for any occasion.    As provided in the downloadable file in Camilla’s Paper Creations store, this bag measures 4 7/8″ tall x 3″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep.  It is best to use text weight patterned paper for this file.  Double sided patterned paper can be used, however it will be a little stiffer to fold.  I have included step by step shopping bag folding instructions with photos in this blog.  Included with the file download is a PDF pattern showing the fold lines.

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Turtle Ornaments

Turtle Masks

It is getting close to Christmas and I am finishing up last minute Christmas gifts.  My daughter has a friend who loves turtles.  She purchased green Christmas ornaments in hopes we could make them look like turtles.  I created the masks, eyes and a couple different mouth options.  Since these are for an adult kid, we opted for the grrr mouth.  I have added the Turtle Masks and Faces to Camilla’s Paper Creations online store, incase you also have a last minute gift to get ready for.  Or they can be added to a wide range of projects for birthday parties, gifts and more.

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Glass Blocks with Vinyl

Glass Block with Nativity Scene

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to create decorations for your home, friends and loved ones.  If you have an electronic die cutter, you are not limited to just making papercrafts.  I have incorporated my die cutter into many aspects of a wide range of projects I create.  Even if you do not have a die cutter, you can find a very wide range of affordable decals for glass blocks on Etsy, including my Etsy shop, All I Make.  I created this glass block with vinyl using glass blocks we found on Craigs List and the a vinyl decal found in my Etsy shop.  We were able to get glass block cheap, so we found a drill bit at Lowe’s to drill into the back of the blocks to insert the mesh and lights in the block.  You can also find the blocks ready to decorate at your favorite craft store, especially around Christmas time.

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Handmade Christmas Card with Lamp Post

Handmade Christmas Card with Lamp Post and Candy Cane Frame

For this years handmade Christmas card, I wanted to do something monochrome with a bold element.  I had some shimmery paper on hand so I wanted to offset elements of the card with a dull cardstock.  The bold element I wanted to use was the lamp post.  I have included instructions for this Christmas Card with Lamp Post below.  I have also referenced the cutting files from my store that I used in this card.

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Softball Ornaments

Softball Christmas Ornament

Every year I try to make something special for the girls on my daughters softball team.  As they get older, it is harder to come up with more mature goodies for them.  The girls still cannot resist these softball ornaments.  This year I bought heart shaped glass Christmas bulbs, however most years I use the jumbo Christmas bulbs.  I fill with green paint and add red vinyl softball stitching to the outside.  I have included instructions below to make your own softball ornaments for your team.  I think this could also be a great softball team bonding activity for about 12 years old and up.

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Introducing New Blog

Camilla Paper Creations

I am excited to expand my website to a blog.  I have tons of fun ideas, techniques, etc, that I want to share on a wide range of topics so this blog will be the perfect way to do so.  I am excited to be able to offer instructions and resources for projects I have created with the files that can be found in Camilla’s Paper Creations store.  All of the files I have created for sale in the store have been for a project I have created for myself, friends or family.  Camilla’s Paper Creations store has always been a place I can offer those files to those who may have the same interests as I do.  I will be revisiting some of my older project and adding them to this blog so additional information and instructions can be used to recreate the files.    I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions or suggestions, please share them with me.