Diaper Cake

If you have not made a diaper cake I highly recommend it.  I had always wanted to make a diaper cake but did not have anyone to make one for, until last year.  My daughters friend was having a baby shower so I told my daughter she should make a diaper cake for her friend, however I should help her…grin.  We gathered up all of the decorations we thought we needed for the cake, planned a time to get together to work on it and had grand visions for the diaper cake.  When we got together, we were eager to get started but realized, we didn’t know where to start.  Nothing You Tube couldn’t fix.  Oops, after watching several videos we realized we didn’t have near as many supplies as we should for the diaper cake we had planned out in our heads.  The great thing about crafting, is you get to adapt and improvise…that is just what we did.  This experience was the foundation needed to make future diaper cakes, hey you have to start somewhere.

Diaper CakeI am not going to give you step by step instructions on how to construct a diaper cake because there are so many great videos on the internet, however there are several things I have learned when making diaper cakes.  When planning on how to construct a diaper cake, the first thing you need to decide is if you want to roll each individual diaper to assemble the layers of the cake or fan the diapers to create wheels for the tiers of the cake.  If you will be rolling each of the diapers, you will need lots of rubberbands to secure each diaper and then to hold the bundles of diapers together.  When I have made the diaper cakes, I have chosen to fan and roll the diapers, kind of like making a snow man.  I just think, what a cruel joke for a tired mom at 2 am in the morning to have to sit there, remove a rubberband and unroll a diaper so she could change the baby’s diaper…because at some point this diaper cake will be taken apart and diapers used.  I also worried that after the diaper was tightly rolled and crinkled with the rubberband that it may not be as leak resistant or have the same integrity as before…you don’t want to mess with the integrity of a diaper when it is in use.  On the other hand, already rolled diapers to throw in a diaper bag would save space and keep the diaper back a little more organized.

Making the Diaper Cake Layers

To start the layers of the cake, I take on diaper and loosely begin rolling it from the opposite end of the fold.  I space each of the folds an inch or so apart, so they are evenly spaced.  I continue to roll until it is large enough to fit in a round cake pan I have on hand.  The cake pan is just to hold all of the diapers in place until I get the roll secured.  You will also want to make a hole in the center of the cake to add a paper towel roll.  If Diaper Cake Layersyou don’t have a paper towel roll, you can roll up a piece of cardstock to use.  This will give a solid core between the diaper cake layers so the top layers do not topple off.  The paper towel roll will extend through the center of each layer of the diaper cake to stabilize the diaper cake.
Repeat for each layer of diaper cake making each tier smaller than the previous.  It is important to leave a ledge large enough for the decorations purchased for the cake.  If you will be adding washcloth roses or have little stuffed animals to add to the layers, there will need to room to secure them to the cake.  Paper piecing cut outs or hair bows are also great additions to a diaper cake.

Planning Ahead

Diaper Cake Bath Frog FamilyWhen you know you will be making a diaper cake, planning ahead with the decorations is ideal.  Whether you will be cutting the elements from paper to use on the diaper cake or purchasing toys and ribbon, planning ahead to make sure you are coordinating with the theme of the party and have all elements that match with the party colors is important.  I like to jump on Amazon and type in search terms appropriate for the diaper cake theme.  For example, when I did a frog diaper cake, I searched for frog and found tons of toys and frog themed elements for the diaper cake.  For this cake I decided to go with bath toys, but you can also go with plush animals or other toys.  You can also search for ribbon, I typically luck out and can find an assorted package of ribbon in all  of the colors I need.  The great thing I have found out about ordering all of the items from Amazon is when they are all delivered you have one box of fun that includes everything you need from start to finish for your project.  It gets the creative juices flowing and makes you eager to start working on the diaper cake.  If you will be ordering from Amazon and will also be making a diaper wreath (found in a separate blog post, order those items as well).

Before checking out of Amazon, make sure you have:

If you choose to order all items from Amazon here is a check off list

  • Diapers
  • Ribbon
  • Baby Washcloths to make roses
  • Rubberbands (if needed)
  • Toys or other decorative items for cake top

Diaper Cake Wash Cloth Rose


• When purchasing diapers for a diaper cake, buy larger diapers so the recipient can enjoy the diaper cake for a while before it has to be dismantled.

• When you get to the top layer of the diaper cake, roll up a diaper and insert it into the center hole or paper towel roll to hide the void.

• To secure the decorations, use q-tips.  If necessary, cut one tip of the q-tip off to insert into the toy and then stick the cotton end between layers of diapers.  By using a q-tip, this will give the diaper something to grab to hold it into place.

• Try not to glue or pin anything to the diapers.  The diaper cake is a thing of beauty and you want to make sure it holds together, however you also want the diapers to be functional as well.