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Kaveman Softball ScrollI use print and cut a lot.  I remember when I began putting goodie bags and crafts together for team treats, I spent hours gluing letters and pieces to boxes, bags and cards.  Once I began printing and cutting so I could glue entire words and elements to the treats and goodies, I quickly expanded to include other design elements.  Nowadays, I pretty much print the elements and glue to other layers…I still like dimension.  There are many of the softball cutting files offered on Camilla’s Paper Creations that were designed for printing and cutting.  Can they only be used for print and cut…they don’t have to.  I have used engraving tools to engrave outlines so I could go back and add stickles or diamond glaze and I have cut many of the files that were initially intended for print and cut.  I just like to save time when making 12 to 14 boxes or treat bags so print and cut is my way of saving time.

In the subsequent links below for print and cut, I have included information on how designing and altering print and cut works.  I won’t offer specific instructions on how each prints and cuts.  The instruction I provide are to set up print and cut, different types of print and cut and more.  I have found there is a lot that goes into the design to make print and cut successful before it is sent to the cutter…this is what my information will cover.  I also have lots of information on how I have adapted ways to match the paper I am using, different types of print and cut and much, much more.

Links to Print and Cut Articles

Matching Paper

Sealing Printed Images


Print and Cut
Examples of Print and Cut found at Camilla’s Paper Creations


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