4 Softball Mom Basics

…to create goodies, gifts, photo books and more for your team.

I love being a softball mom.  The connections with the girls and family are great.  I like to do little things for the girls, make team treats, goodies, photo books, ID tags, etc.  In the years I have been a softball mom there are a few things I have found that are a must have to pull off all of the fun things I make for the girls.

4 Things Every Softball Mom Needs

One of the reasons I was excited to start a blog was to share my knowledge and know how on making a fun season for the girls…in the dugout and off the field.  The girls love the fun goodies, especially the ones that have been personalize for the player and include the team logo.  I have both softball electronic cutting files and products that I can ship that can be ordered.  I also do custom files and decals through my Etsy store.  I have a lot of softball cutting files…I have even more to upload so check back often for more softball related cutting files.

4 Softball Mom Basics

1.  Electronic die cutter…In my opinion this is a number one must have.  I could not do all of the great fun things for the girls that I do, if it wasn’t for an electronic die cutter.  Even if you will not be cutting an item, you can design it in the software, like photo thank you cards.  Everything I make for softball I either use the software or machine, I cut paper for mini books, cut vinyl stickers, make ID tags and so much more.  If you don’t have an electronic die cutter, I have many things listed on my Etsy store and love to do custom products for customers.

2.  Paper in team colors…Although I print and cut a lot of my projects, I still need paper.  You can find an article I wrote, Matching Paper to Printed Graphic, that gives you information on matching the print and cut items to the cardstock you have selected for your team.  At the beginning of the softball season I purchase a stock of paper in the team colors, plus quite a bit of black and white.  I also make sure I keep Paper Accents Smooth Matte Finish 65 pound cardstock on hand as this is the paper I use most for printing and cutting.

3.  The correct spelling of each girls names and number…if it is early in the season, make sure the girls numbers will not be changing with new uniforms.  It is best to have the coach provide an ASA roster or something that is verified if there is not a team contact sheet that is distributed.

4.  Team logo is invaluable, especially in vector format if you can get it. If you are part of an organization or club travel team, it is also a good idea to get permission from the coach or organization to use the logo. Otherwise create your own image just using general softball images and the team name.

With these items you can created ID tags, treats and goodies with the team logo, headers for bags that include snacks like trail mix, cards for players and coaches birthdays, thank you cards, coach gifts, Christmas gifts, photo books and much, much more.

I am sure I have said it elsewhere on this blog and I am sure I will say it again, print and cut is a lifesaver when creating team goodies.  Instead of cutting each individual letters and gluing them, print and cut them.  It will save you tons of time assembling the items.  Make sure you seal all print and cut items so they do not smear when handled by the girls.  I use Krylon Artist Spray.  You can find more about print and cut and sealing print and cut on the Print and Cut section of my blog.