Turtle Ornaments

It is getting close to Christmas and I am finishing up last minute Christmas gifts.  My daughter has a friend who loves turtles.  She purchased green Christmas ornaments in hopes we could make them look like turtles.  I created the masks, eyes and a couple different mouth options.  Since these are for an adult kid, we opted for the grrr mouth.  I have added the Turtle Masks and Faces to Camilla’s Paper Creations online store, incase you also have a last minute gift to get ready for.  Or they can be added to a wide range of projects for birthday parties, gifts and more.

Turtle Masks


Instructions for Turtle Ornaments

  1. Measure the bulb that will be used.  If the bulb was purchased in a box, remove from the plastic insert and measure the width of the insert for the bulb.
  2. Draw the measurements of the bulb in the cutting software, for example if the bulb measure 2 3/4 inches, draw a circle that is 2.75″ x 2.75″.Turtle Masks and Mouths
  3. Layout the masks and faces within the bulb template drawn in cutting software.  This will scale the items so when they are cut, they will fit the bulbs size perfectly.
  4. As you get ready to cut the pieces.  It is much easier if you cut each layer as they are laid out on the masks…so when you cut out the black parts of the eyes, leave them spaced the same distance as they are laid out under the mask, same with the white part of the eye.  When they are cut and weeded, all you will have to do is use the transfer and pick up each set of eyes instead of individual eyes.
  5. Once all elements are cut, it is time for assembly.  Use vinyl transfer and pick up a mask.  Lift off backing.  Pick up black part of eye centering where you would like the blacks of the eye within the mask.  Lastly, pick up the white part of the eye, centering it within the mask and placing the blacks of the eye proportionally.
  6. Apply assembled mask and eyes on the bulb.  Remember to leave room for the mouth.  Begin in the center of the mask and roll to one side of the mask to make contact with the bulb.  To prevent bubbles or puckers, pull tight to stretch the vinyl very slightly.  Once one side is done, go back and do the same with the other side of the mask.  By applying one side of the mask at a time, it is easier to work with the contour of the bulb to prevent bubbles or puckers.
  7. Assemble the mouth by using the transfer, the same transfer that was used for the masks can be used for the mouths to save on transfer.  Use the transfer to pick up the black part of the mouth first.  Then, depending on the mouth style being used, pick up either the white or the red part of the mouth.
  8. Apply the mouth to the bulb.

Vinyl Tips

• When layering vinyl, use the spacing and layout of the design to assist with assembly.  Layout the entire piece with all layers, then cut each layer without moving anything.  This may look like it is going to waste a lot of vinyl for the smaller pieces, however in my experience, the ease of assembly is much greater when each layer maintains the same layout.

• Most of the time, vinyl is designed to inset vinyl within each piece or layer of color.  When dealing with smaller pieces like these masks, it is easier to layer.  When layering vinyl, always start with the top layer and work your way down.  This will ensure each layer is in proper order.