Conditions of Use

Sharing and Copyright
All images available from Camilla Hoke or Camilla's Paper Creations may be used for personal use only. Personal use includes items created using files or project ideas for yourself, family, friends or team where the item will not be sold. Written permission is required to use images by Camilla Hoke or Camilla's Paper Creations for uses that will be sold or used outside personal use. If you would like to produce projects, diecuts or other works to sell using images/project created by Camilla, permission is required. Sharing or the sale of the electronic files created by Camilla Hoke, contained on Camilla's Paper Creations website or CDs is prohibited regardless of cost or format. To receive permission for uses outside personal use, please contact Camilla at Camilla's Paper Creations, and include information regarding your company, business or organization, how and where the images will be sold and approximate quantity that will be produced. If additional information is require, Camilla will let you know, otherwise you should receive written permission regarding the use within 1-3 business days. Any other questions or concerns regarding terms of use please let Camilla know.

With the amount of time it took to create, edit and prepare images for customers and to convert to other formats the cost is nominal and compensation is used for materials, webpage fees, paypal fees, etc with any profit going back into crafting to share on this website. Your business is appreciated and referrals would be great.

Camilla is a softball mom and knows teams look for every opportunity to raise money for their team. If you will be using images, projects or files to fundraise please let Camilla know. Electronic files cannot be used in fundraising activities, however products from the diecut can be used with prior knowledge by Camilla. If you would like more information on how to create items for fundraising please let Camilla know. If you have fundraising project ideas you would like to share with Camilla to provide to other team moms, including softball, baseball, soccer, etc, please email them to

Hold Harmless Agreement
By downloading content from Camilla's Paper Creations or opening content on Camilla's Paper Creations CDs you agree to hold Camilla's Paper Creations or Sawtooth Industries owners and/or employees harmless from and against any and all losses, damages or expenses for any reason.

No refunds
There will be no refunds on downloaded images, all purchases are final. If there is a problem with a file please let me know, I will do my best to remedy the situation or provide additional information on how to use the file.