File Information

Since the files contained in the website were originally designed for me, my friends, family and family interests there are heavily populated categories of our interests, however I know there are individuals out there who have the same interests and styles as me and for those I hope you enjoy the files.

Cutting files used in projects and CDs available on Camilla's Paper Creations website either as a download or on a CD, will also be found as individual cutting files available for download in addition to the project file that is downloaded.

All files on this website were created using Inspiration Studio Pro or Funtime software for Pazzles Pro and Pazzles Inspiration electronic cutters and converted within Funtime to other file types. If you would like to test the files to ensure they work with the software and cutter you have please download a free cutting file to test. Free SVG, WPC and AI files are typically available in the free cutting file download, please refer to cutting file description for file types available in free cutting file download.

Each download could include the following files (uses based on my knowledge of file types):

WPC - Funtime, Pazzles Inspiration, Gazelle

WPC-14 - all files labeled with a -14 (eg: cat-14.wpc) have been saved down for older version of Funtime and WinPCSign softwares. If you cannot open the WPC file try the -14.wpc file.

AI - Adobe Illustrator, this file type can be imported into many different electronic cutter softwares.

DXF - Vector based format; this file too can be imported into many digital cutter softwares. These files may open very large. In addition the fill and line color may be altered from the original file.

JPG - A colored copy of the file. This could include a computer generated rendering of the image to be used as clipart. When clipart cannot be created, eg with dimensional projects, a photo may be included with the file or with the instructions as a reference for assembly.

SVG - A file type used by a wide range of software including Illustrator, Inkscape, MTC and SCAL.

PDF - Will be included with project files requiring instructions for cutting or assembly. Most commonly pdf's will be included with CDs, page layouts or projects for download if they are not straight forward and may also include instruction on assembly and techniques to complete the projects. Free project sheets are also provided in pdf format.

Print and Cut
Project or cutting files that contain print and cut elements will be noted in the product description as including image(s) for printing and cutting with your machine. These files will typically be files that contain too small of detail or detail that is not expected to cut or image files (raster file, not vector cutting files), and have been used with Pazzles Creative Cutter Inspiration and Creative Cutter Pro for printing and cutting. Although they can be used with any cutter including electronic cutters supporting SVG and AI format, using it as a print and cut will assume customer knows how to perform a print and cut on the electronic cutter they own. The image file may be available individually or included within the element being cut, however setting the document up for print and cut will be required. Any file including a print and cut element will be included in the description of the product.

Score Lines
Although I have created a separate line color for all score lines, they are solid lines instead of a kiss cut or perf line. I prefer to use the Pazzles engraving tool to score my lines. Pazzles embossing tool also works very well. If the electronic cutter being used does not have a tool for scoring available, score lines will need to be converted to a line style that will work for scoring with the machine being used, eg perf line, dashed line, etc.

Scoring with Pazzles engraving tool - light pressure, just enough to score the paper
Scoring with Pazzles embossing tool - heavier pressure will be needed using the standard mat.